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Free SuperBall 3 iPhone Game

SuperBall 3 is an incredibly fun block breaking game unlike any other.
It is the only block breaking game to be completely physics based, where blocks are free to move anywhere and explode against one another.
It is also the first and only block breaking game to feature a complete level set creator, allowing you to make levels with any arrangement of shapes and power ups you can think of.
This Lite version features all 3 game modes, each with 8 unique and fun levels, plus a demo of the amazing level builder.

Backgrounder Gets Updated for iOS 4.2.1

Backgrounder by Lance Fetters (ashikase) has been updated to support iOS 4.2.1
Backgrounder allows for total control of backgrounding on an iPhone/iOS-based device. With Backgrounder, *you* decide when an app should keep running, and when it should quit.

Backgrounder provides true backgrounding; minimized apps can be made to continue to run as if they were still the foreground app.

Fish Finger 3D iPhone App

Watch as your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch fills with water and real 3D fish begin to swim around your icons!
- Too many aquariums claim to be 3D, but they’re just flat picture of fish floating around your screen being boring! Fish Fingers has REAL 3D FISH! They swim in all directions and can be viewed from any angle! They’re really 3D!
- INTERACT WITH YOUR FISH! Touch the screen and watch the fish follow your finger. Double tap the screen to feed them, they’ll slowly grow if you do!

Holy Quran in Arabic, English & Urdu For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

eIslamExplorer is a  Holy Quran application in Arabic, English & Urdu For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles
Features :
* Quran in Arabic
* Urdu translations of Quran by: Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhry. Ahmed Ali Lahori.
* English translation of Quran by Yousuf Ali.
* Change color or fonts

Touch Calculator Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

TouchCalc Free is a calculator app for Symbian S60 5th mobiles such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, X6, N8, C6, N97 and 5530 XpressMusic. Use this form like you would use a regular calculator. Landscape mode is optimized for keyboarded devices, while keyboardless devices should be used in portrait mode.
The last button lets you access the last-used functions; a list of all supported functions can be had via the menu button. Open the Options menu to start graphing.

MobiShield Security Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobile

TrustMobi MobiShield is a full fledged and free mobile anti-virus and security software with which you can protect your smartphones and PDA from all kinds of harmful mobile viruses and infected SMS messages. It protects your Nokia N-Series, E-Series and X-Series smartphones by running on the background of your phone in real time. Just like a watchdog TrustMobi MobiShield can block and filter incoming bluetooth connections and messages from your phone which assures uninterrupted and security enhanced services from your mobile.

Mobile Photoshop Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Draw a circle
Draw rectangle
Reset size
Transparent cover
90 degrees clockwise
Upside down
Swap left and right
Camera to take Figure

BlueShoot Bluetooth Messaging Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

BlueShoot is a mobile Bluetooth messaging application. If you use Bluetooth the first time, use the default settings. Select ‘Quick Scan’ to search Bluetooth devices around you and then simply shoot them your message! In Spy Mode, BlueShoot is spying for (predefined) Bluetooth devices. In this mode the device filter is very useful!
In ‘Auto Shoot’ Mode Blueshoot shoots your messages automatically! So every time you start Blueshoot in this mode, please do not forget to turn on the device filter! Since its a Bluetooth messaging, please take care of your neighbours privacy! Have fun!
Blueshoot is a Java application developed by blueshoot.net. The application works with Symbian S60 v5 based touch screen mobiles such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233 and 5530 XpressMusic.

F-Secure Anti-Theft Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

With F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile you can be sure that your personal and confidential information won ’t be misused by anyone. – Lock your phone remotely via SMS – Erase the confidential data remotely via SMS – Get informed who stole your phone – Locate your phone – Easy to upgrade with additional security features directly via mobile,

GDesk Signed Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

GDesk is a customizable and extendable desktop system for Symbian (UIQ 3, S60 3rd and 5th editions). Icons can be placed on the desktop representing applications, page links and plug-ins; these can then be launched by tapping them. Plug-ins can be added at any time and as required; further plug-in functionality will be provided over time.
Change Log :
* Color dialog for landscape mode fix
* Missed call action for S60v3.0 fix
* Menu color options added (menu, menu outline, menu highlight, menu hightlight outline)

Best Full Screen Caller Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Do you want to see the person calling more clearly and in details? Well, use Best Full Screen Caller and your wish will be granted! Best Full Screen Caller can show you the big picture of a person when you are receiving a phone call if this person is stored in your contacts database!
* * Showing full screen caller’s picture during the call;
* * Showing sender’s picture and subject for incoming messages;
* * Ability to select a picture from the Gallery, File Browser or take a picture with the camera;

SPB Mobile Shell Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of your mobile device. Enjoy your phone!
It’s really a next generation user interface and believe me, you will forget iPhone UI effects when you will experience SPB Mobile Shell on your Symbian mobile. Though the default home screen looks super cool you can always customize it using widgets such as Photo contacts, Picture frame, Weather, Wireless switches, Phone profile, Appointments and tasks and many others.
Talking about contacts on your mobile, you have finger friendly contacts with features like Widget-based photo contacts, Photo call log, Smart contact search, 3D favorite contacts carousel, Ringtone management and Category filter.

Fring Free Calls, Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

fring is a mobile internet service & community that enables you to access & interact with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with all your fring, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM friends.
Fring (sic) today released, to selected Symbian devices, an updated version of their social communication application that enables Skype video calling functionality. This is the first, consumer ready, implementation of Skype video calls on a mobile phone. You can both place and receive Skype video calls from other users (including other fring users). It is an extremely impressive technology implementation and a good example of what is possible with the Symbian platform.

Shotgun Funny Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Shotgun is a shooting application for Symbian S60 v5 based touch screen mobiles such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, X6, 5530 XpressMusic, 5230 & 5233 . The application as it says offers superior sound quality, Motion controlled cocking and shooting, Vibration and Visual effects for the ultimate touch and feel.
Unfortunately in some mobiles motion did not work me. So if motion is not working then you have to touch the screen to load the bullets in gun. Once loaded, you can touch on trigger to fire. The Shotgun application is developed by Pico Brothers. The sound quality is good. It is recommended to install the application in memory card.

Fake Caller Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Fake Calls is an application which with you can fake incoming phone calls, no actual call is made thus the calls are free of charge. All parts of the application are using device themes, thus the Fake Calls Display also shows the native looking UI that uses the currently selected theme.
Also ringtones used with the Fake calls display are fetched from the device settings. If the contact selected for the Fake Call is having own ringtone, it will be used just as with native incoming call, and if it does not then the current profiles ringtone is used.
Also if the selected contact has an image or thumbnail picture, they will be shown in the Fake call Display.

3D Aquarium Cool Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

3D coral reef aquarium with exotic fishes. Touch or drag your finger on the aquarium and the fishes will swim towards your finger. You can add or remove fishes, you can also just kill a fish by touching it, Connect the phone to a flat screen TV and you have a big Aquarium.

Pdf+ Standard PDF Reader For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

The file view gives you an overview of the PDF documents on your device, and you can manage and open them easily. Pdf+ also remembers the last 10 files you have opened. You can open password-protected files, and files encrypted with 40 and 128 bits Standard encryption.
In the page view, you get all the functions you’d expect, such as displaying specific pages, searching, zooming, full screen mode and displaying and following bookmarks and links. You can even dial a phone number.

Memo Touch Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

If you are bored with the built-in Notes application of your Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles, then here is something refreshing, The Offscreen Memo Touch, a Symbian S60 V5 application for Nokia 5800  XM, N97,  N97 Mini,  X6, 5230, 5530 XM, 5233 & 5230 touch screen devices. The application as its clear from the name, is used to record anything you wish.

Flash Lighter Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Here’s a cool application for the Nokia 5800,  N97, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5230,  X6 & Nokia 5233 . Except the obvious function the application also gives you tons of other light applications like:
- LAMP, a simple white screen.
- Strobe, to call for attention (or hypnotize someone ?_o).
- Fader, with fade-in/fade-out light, like a lighthouse.
- SOS, that spells s.o.s in morse code.
- Disco, random bright colorful lights, like a disco.
- PEN, in which you can draw temporary light forms.
- Starlight animation(heavy on CPU).
- LOVELYGHT, just a visual test, also good for the loved ones.
- LIGHTER , for fun on a concert, as you can see on the picture.

Screen Locker Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

This application enhances the screen lock mode with such features as displaying a clock and actual information on messages and missed calls, as well as playing a sound while the screen locking status changes.
If the screen is locked, pressing any key will bring up the Lock Screen. Another press of any key will hide it.
The Lock Screen of the application allows to quickly see the time or check if there are any new messages or missed calls.
If you add the device Lock/Unlock key into the list of “Full unlock keys”, the following behaviour will take place: when the Unlock key is pressed, the lock mode is turned off; when any other key is pressed, the Lock Screen is displayed showing current time and other information.

MobiXplorer File Manager Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

MobiXplorer is a useful, nice and must have file management application for your mobiles. The application works on Symbian S60 3rd, FP1, FP2 and S60 5th edition based mobiles such as Nokia 5800  XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233 and 5530 XpressMusic.
MobiXplorer application is very rich in functionalities, not only it does the basic file management operations but also has features like screen capture, file encryption, compression, file protection, task manager and many more. Upon launching this app on your mobile, it displays the folders on your mobile device. You can then navigate through these folders.

Download Free JFog Funny Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Here is a fun Java application jFog  V2.10(0) for Symbian S60 5th edition  based devices
jFog is a fun application that lets you wipe fog from your touch screen mobile. You can use your finger to wipe fog from the screen of your mobile screen. With jFog, you can draw cool stuff by wiping fog from the screen.
Make cool shapes, texts and save them as image, share it with your friends and have fun. You can impress your friends with the coolest app ever made for touch screen mobiles. Non-touch based mobile can use joystick to draw the same.

Huge Battery Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Excellent widget on the desktop to the NokiaS60v5 mobiles
Displays the current battery status, charging a low red-and displays the load.
Tested on N97 , ( not sure about other S60v5 mobiles but you can test it on 5800, 5530 & 5230)

Vlingo Speech Recognition Software For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Vlingo V1.03 is a Speech recognition application for Symbian S60 5th edition mobiles. Vlingo lets you control your mobile phone with voice. Speak to your phone to send a text or email message, call a friend, search the web, update your Facebook status and much more.
Vlingo uses your data network for speech recognition. This allows Vlingo to be more accurate and improve over time. The amount of data used is small, about 1 MB for every 150 times you speak to Vlingo.
Do a lot just by speaking. With Vlingo you can-
* Search the Web
* Dial by Voice
* Create a Note to self
* Open Applications
* Send Text Messages(Trial *)
* Send Email(Trial *)
* Send 5 text messages or emails with this free version of Vlingo. To send unlimited text messages and emails, get Vlingo Plus.

Download Holy QURAN For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Read the full Holy Quran in othmani font, search for words, bookmark any Ayah or Sura using a multi-lingual interface, listen to the Quran narrated by famous reciters “Al-Hudhaifi, El Sodasyi and El shorim”, learn the Quran Tajweed by a coloured copy of the Holy Quran for each word for explaining the right rules of recitation and the ability to download the Quran audio files by ASGATech Quran Audio downloader.

Zip Manager Touch Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

After you download several applications now is turn for Download Zip manager v1.0  Apps for your Nokia S60v5 mobiles. This application is very helpful for you because you can get more storage on your phone memory. You can compress the large file to ZIP extension if you need more space on your mobile. To use Zip manager v1.0 is very easy you can compress and decompress any files in your mobile now.
Note : you’ve need to sign it 1st before installing.

Voice Recorder Touch Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Voice recording was never such fun before I found this  Voice Recorder Touch application for Symbian S60 5th edition based mobiles (Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, 5230, X6 and 5530 XpressMusic). It’s a nice application which offers cool graphics and decent controls to let you easily record your voice and playback.
It’s a very simple application. The red button on the bottom of the screen is used to start/stop the recording. The recorded data will be displayed in the middle portion of the screen which is scrollable. This portion displays the information like date, time and length of recording. The play/pause button is on the top of the screen along with delete button. Delete button lets you delete the recordings which you dont want to keep in your mobile.
Simple and useful, thats what I feel about Offscreen Voice Recorder Touch application. You can get it from the following download link. Record and Enjoy!!

Finger Print Application For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Play a trick with your friend to unlock the phone with your fingerprint!
When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you need to touch your finger to the screen to be “scanned” for your identity, there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. The phone will be unlocked not depend on whose finger it is, but on how many beeps or vibrations since your finger touch the screen 
Unlock Condition (times) – Beep/Vibrate times to unlock
- if you set it to 0, once your finger is removed, the phone will be unlocked!
- if you set it to 3, remove your finger after hearing 3 beeps or the phone vibrate for 3 times, the phone will beunlocked! Otherwise, an “Access Denied” red box will be displayed

X-plore 1.41 File Manager For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

* View all drives / folders / files on phone in tree view*
* Integrated text and image viewer
* View file details
* Edit file attributes (hidden, read-only, etc)
* Rename and delete files
* Create or edit text files
* Create folders
* Multi-selection
* Copy or move files and folders
* Send files via Bluetooth or infrared
* Extract files from Zip, Rar, Jar archives
* Pack files to Zip archive
* View Word documents
* Hardware device info
* View processes and tasks**
* Built-in program updater

Quick Search Widget For Nokia S60v5 Mobiles

Q Search” (Q for Quick), and it’s simply a search-page launcher – but one that’s optimized for the least number of clicks from the home page of the phone.
It can be installed as a “Home Screen Widget” if you have an N97, or launched from the quick-bar or icon like any other app. It immediately prompts you (using an ugly Javascript prompt dialog, sadly) for your search query, then you enter some text hit OK and BAM, you’re connecting to the web for your results.